Shipping fees and mínimum order.

Free shipping on all orders over 50 euros in Iberian Peninsula. If your order is inferior to 50 euros, you will have to pay shipping fees that vary depending on which área of the country you live:


Shipping fee

Free Shipping


3,90 €

20 €


5,50 €

20 €


6,50 €

20 €

Spain – Baleares

   13 €

95 €

Spain – Canarias

   17 €

99 €


   15 €

99 €


6,80 €

60 €


18 €

150 €

Shippings will be delivered within 24/72 hours on working days.
Purchases to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla carry some local customs formalities as DUA and customs formalities.


The DUA is a document used to comply with customs formalities such as export, import or transit. DUA rate applied to each shipment (not on each product).


ENVIALIA Carriers and Mail, are in charge of customs clearance. L'ARGANIER takes charge of the DUA export from the mainland to the Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla. The customer shall bear both the DUA import and local taxes either IGIC to the Canary Islands and Ceuta and Melilla IPSI. The freight company will contact the customer reporting the amount of DUA as local tax before delivery


All orders placed from Europe * have some shipping fees (18 €). Free shipping on orders over 150€.

European destinations (Italy, France, Portugal, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Germany and the UK).
For further information, you can send an email to

When does my order arrive?

L `ARGANIER ORGANICS will inform you by e-mail confirmation of your purchase, so you can check the shipping information is correct, also ENVIALIA will send you an SMS to inform you of the delivery of your order 24 hours before.

What if I'm not home when I receive my order?

Our logistics providers will to make two delivery attempts. In the event that after twice attempts to deliver the order, did not heed the supplier, the order will be returned. Alternatively, you can also arrange to pickup your order at any of the collection points ENVIALIA in Spain, if you prefer.

There is an error on my shipping address, Can I change it after ordering?

If you realize that there is an error in your shipping address please call us at 93 556 42 88 as soon as possible to resolve the issue, since L'ARGANIER not have this service.

How do I know the status of my order? (Pending for tomorrow)

On our website there is a ENVIALIA icon, if you click on it, it will take you to their website where entering your tracking number you were previously sent, you will be able to check the status. For example:


Can I return a product?

L'ARGANIER has a flexible return policy. This means that in the event that your product is damaged or defective, you can return it easily and L'ARGANIER bear the cost of return shipping and delivery of a new product.
If however you have received your order in perfect condition, you may exchange or return any product. However, for the return to be accepted by L'ARGANIER you must meet the following conditions:

NOTE: Items are in poor condition will not be accepted.

How I can return a product?

To return a product please contact the Customer Service Department by sending an email to
When returning a product you can either:

NOTE: In the case of exchange or return the product must be in perfect condition.

Can not receive my package? Why?

There are two possible reasons why you did not receive your order:

What about the undelivered packages?

When an order could not be delivered for reasons other than L'ARGANIER receive your package back. Then, we will return the full amount of your purchase within 14 business days of receipt, less the costs incurred by the shipping and return package.