The firm

At L’Arganier, we firmly believe that high quality ingredients make for efficient products. This is the heart of our company, which is dedicated to implementing science to natural cosmetics. We use the best products made out of organic oils, vegetal extracts and natural vitamins, since its concentration in active molecules is 100 times more powerful than synthetic ones. Because everything we know about hair and skin care, we learned it from nature.

L’Arganier fundamentals take roots in our passion for an organic lifestyle, healthy and balanced in all fields.

That is why L’Arganier team has a very consistent way of working, promoting well-being in everything we do, and encouraging our staff to live a healthy lifestyle; we exercise, practice yoga. Our office also reflects our state of mind, we play ping-pong during our lunch breaks, we sit in fitballs while we work and we eat healthy.

Our commitment

Our products are free of parabens, SLS, SLES, Silicones, mineral oils, coloring, DEA, MEAT and TEA.

We use high quality active ingredients extracted from the nature, for their efficiency, smoothness, pleasant feel on the body, and great compatibility with skin.

Nature friendly, we aim at having the least negative impact on the environment, because we care about the generations to come.

Committed to charity, 2% of our sales are intended to assist the social reintegration of women and children in Morocco.