Argan oil 100% organic 42 ml

Bio: over 15% of ingredients are of biological origin. Animal friendly Help to local economies Green : more than 95% of its ingredient are of natural origin PEGS free Without petroleum derivatives Gluten free Parabens free

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Our argan oil is 100% pure and ecological :

Progressively reduces lines of expression, helps gain firmness and repairs the capillary fiber.

-          Tocoferol (VIT E) and carotenos, neutralize free radicals.

-          Omega 3, 6 and 9, powerful regeneratives for skin and hair

-          Lupeol, stimulates keratin creation

-          Ferulic Acid promotes protection barrier against solar radiation

A endless number of properties

Among the countless properties that offer L’ARGANIER® 100% PURE and organic oil, the following can be listed:


-          It is a powerful regenerator that reduces lines of expression and delays skin aging.

-          To smoothen, moisturize and fight sin dryness

-          Fight free radicals

-          Improve and unify skin tone

-          Increases skin elasticity

-          Does not obstruct pores

-          Recommended to eliminate marks and scars

-          Helps anticipating stretch marks


-          Lupeol gives more volume to your hair

-          Smoothens and promotes brilliance


-          Repairs split ends

-          Apeases sun burns, skin irritation, itches.

-          Its Antiseptic, antibacterial and fungicide actions help reduce acne

Its anti-inflammatory action is used to lessen articulations inflammation and release arthritis and osteoarthritis pain

How to use 100 % pure argan oil:



Perfect to use after the shower in gentle circular massages to tone up skin


Can also be used to massage pregnant women to promote skin elasticity, thereby preventing the formation of stretch marks



Apply a few drops directly on face or mix them with your usual moisturizer and gently massage until it is fully absorbed. It moisturizes and is quickly absorbed by the skin.


Preferably apply at night or after sun exposure for its regenerating properties.



Apply one drop on each nail with lemon juice before going to bed.


Note: suitable for oily skin as it is non-comedogenic (will not clog pores). It contains filters, avoid sun exposure and apply after application. Cosmetic use only (not edible).

A 100% Pure Oil


L’ARGANIER® oil is 100% pure.

For more information on our oil composition, we invite you to read the "Argan Oil" section on "Our ingredients" tab.

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