To combat fraud pay attention to the following tips.

Do not share your Personal Information

L' ARGANIER will never send you an email or call you to ask you to disclose or verify your password for your account Larganier organics, nor will we ask for your bank account numbers or credit card. If someone contacts you or receive an unsolicited email that you ask any of the above information, do not respond and let us know to resolve the incident .

How to Identify Fake Emails ?

Ignore all email that you receive requesting personal information or redirecting you to another website than Larganierorganics.com or Larganierorganic.es , or you are prompted to pay off the catwalk or Larganierorganics.com Banco Sabadell payment , since it could be an attempt at impersonation ( ' spoofing ' or ' phishing ' ), and you should consider it fraudulent.

- L’ARGANIER use the endings @Larganierorganics. com " for emails. If you receive an email with a different format, it has not been sent by us.
Some phishing emails contain links to practice websites using the word " larganier " in their URL , but will direct you to a completely different website. If you move the mouse over the link, you will see the associated URL , you will probably have a different URL in the linked web sites.
If you still click on an email phishing practice and are redirected to a page that looks like " Your profile " or anyone who asks you to verify or change your personal information, ignore it and Consider it as fraudulent.

What to do if you encounter a phishing attempt ?

Attach the fraudilent email or if you can’t, send it to seguridad@larganierorganics.com. This way you can help us locate the source.